Nanofabrication service


The backbone of the cleanroom is the lithography capability, the techniques by which design patterns are transferred to a sensitive resist as the initial stage of a fabrication process. The optical lithography is providing by using UV mask aligners for pattern resolutions of down to 0.8 μm. we are also offering the whole/partially mask design as well as ordering them. The mask aligners operate in contact or proximity modes and can handle a wide range of substrate sizes from small pieces up to 200 mm wafers.

Our Nanofabrication facility also has an extensive and versatile facility for resist processing, including a spray coater/developer for non-planar surfaces and the normal range of equipment such as spinners. The types of resist that are standard in our cleanroom is similarly extensive, from positive/negative photoresists, e-beam resists through to thick film resists such as SU-8 and laminatable epoxy and acrylic materials.

Optical lithography capabilities
  • Spin coater: maximum spin - 6000 RPM, maximum acceleration - 30,000 RPM/s. Maximum wafer size - 200 mm round or 150 mm square substrates.
  • Hotplate: maximum temperature - 300°C, maximum substrate size - 300 mm. Proximity and loading pins provided as standard, enabling users to load up to 1 x 300 mm substrates or 5 x 100 mm substrates
  • Double-sided mask aligner: capable of aligning both top and bottom side patterns on wafer sizes up to 150 mm
  • Single side mask aligner: providing straight forward mask alignment and patterning options. This aligner is used for topside aligned exposure of wafers, The permitted sizes are: 7 inch mask with 150 mm diameter substrates, 5 inch mask with 100 mm diameter substrates. Maximum substrate thickness - 2 mm
  • Robotic mask aligner: fully automated, rapid, double-sided mask aligner, capable of high precision and high throughput processing of wafer sizes up to 200 mm
  • Developer bench
  • Laminate thick film resist station
  • Mask cleaner: also a Lift-Off tool specifically designed for cleaning masks and resist development/lift-off of wafers