Case studies

Commercialising crystal laser technologies

Fundamental research at Southampton in the development of wavelength conversion crystals is having a widespread impact on the laser, defence and display industries.

Nature gives us certain laser wavelengths and colours that are low cost, efficient or convenient, however, if a given end application requires a different wavelength or colour, then rather than use an inefficient or even non-existent laser, nonlinear optical techniques are preferred to convert the primary wavelength with the highest efficiency possible. Southampton is one of a small number of teams around the globe that have been pioneering research in this field.

Southampton’s research into materials for use in high-powered lasers led to the creation of spin-out company Covesion. The company produces and explores the use of wavelength conversion crystals that can transform the colour of laser light. These crystals are playing a vital role in the rapid growth of energy-efficient laser projectors. They are also underpinning new science in the quantum technology sector, playing a role in defining time itself, and providing entangled photons for next generation applications such as quantum secure communications and even for teleportation.

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