About us

The Zepler Institute brings together leading researchers in photonics from the Optoelectronics Research Centre, with collaborators in electronics and computer science, physics, life sciences, engineering and medicine, and enables them to innovate by providing access to one of the most comprehensive collections of fabrication and characterisation equipment in Europe.

Our researchers use their expertise in optical fibres and lasers, photonics systems, sensors and circuits, metamaterials and quantum technology to tackle key societal challenges. Our research leads to technologies and devices that make a real difference to daily life.

Our interdisciplinary, industry-focused approach to research has resulted in many successful spin-off high-tech companies and commercialisation of products. The erbium-doped fibre amplifier, invented and developed in the late 1980s at the University, is now a crucial component of the internet, fibres developed here can be found in the Moon Rover and Mars Explorer and are used in the manufacturing of life-saving medical devices.

High-tech projects that will change the world

The Zepler Institute is working on many exciting projects that will change our future. From electronic circuits that store and process information like a human brain, to materials that can change their properties on demand.

We are developing new types of lasers with medical applications, and advancing approaches to smart manufacturing to help build the factories of the future. Our researchers are making fibres that can carry more data than anyone ever thought possible, fabricating silicon photonic circuits that will enable faster computer chips and designing sensors for tamper-proof navigational systems.

None of these projects would be possible without the state-of-the-art cleanroom facility that is at the core of the Zepler Institute. With all the facilities and equipment of a modern-day foundry at their fingertips and all under one roof, our researchers are free to innovate and experiment. Our facilities are also available for collaborators and partners to access. To find out how we can work together at the Zepler Institute, contact us. The future starts here.